The Dismantle Collective is a Black-led, POC-centered think tank,

creating our collective path to liberation.

Avery Ebron

Avery Ebron

Avery (he/him) works with under-appreciated communities to develop equitable products and spaces for their collective benefit, joy, and power. As Director of Community Products, Avery focuses on the development and delivery of The Guild’s offerings to build community wealth and self-determination, namely the Community Stewardship Trust.

Prior to The Guild, Avery worked at Clearinghouse CDFI where he led impact measurement, fundraising, and the development of financial products for underresourced developers and organizations serving underserved areas. Avery is a 2022 Purpose Futures Fellow and a 2022 UC Berkeley Terner Housing Fellow. He is also a co-founder of The Dismantle Collective and a member of the Inclusive Capital Collective where he coauthored The Black Paper #1. In his spare time, Avery enjoys teaching chess to kids and occasionally losing.

David Jackson

David Jackson

David, a man after the heart of God. THE SHIT and all the shit. The good stuff and the stinky stuff. All of this makes me who I am. All parts of me, every experience, joy, hurt, decision, pain, have been instrumental and used to evolve a human that is kind, radically generous, transparent, and full of light and love. I offer that to you. I offer that to the world as I have embraced the fullness of being ME. Therefore, BE YOU. 

Dean Bardouka

Dean Bardouka

I saw the parts of me that are good and also all of the parts of me that were grotesque and ugly. I think it is easy for people to see the good stuff already…I want people to see the monsters I saw in the mirrors and the deformities and scared children and see how far I have come. To say “Oh!…this is how far he has come, and to fully understand that ALL of my versions are doing the best that they can – they are trying their best. 

Diana Marie Lee

Diana Marie Lee (she/they) is an Alchemist and Warrior, paving a path for them and others to embrace their sadness, dignity and carefree spirit as they liberate themselves and others from all layers of oppression from their lived and work experiences…all towards reawakening joy, faith and well-being.

Lynn Johnson

I am limitless. I am powerful and afraid. I take up all the space at the same time I make space for all my siblings to shine. I trust my wisdom at every turn, doubting myself every step of the way. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, and CEO. I am a fabulous and flawed. It means a lot to me to be your friend. I am Black and queer, with the courage and imagination to turn it all upside down and back again.

Marie Koesnodihardjo

I want people to see my multitudes, thank them and dance with me as I celebrate the wisdom and intuition my multitudes have provided me with. I want to learn to bask in the light of the moon and explore my darker sides, allowing light to shine on them.

Olayinka Credle

I want the world to know the valor, value, beauty, and divinity of blackness. I believe I was put on this earth to proclaim this truth. Through my journey of freedom and liberation through laughter, light, and dance. I believe my liberation will give others permission to experience that for themselves. The version of Olayinka born in Brooklyn Ny who becomes one with the soul waiting for her in Nigeria is the version of me: and is the rebirth of my existence from the Motherland. I have to go home and then bring home with me wherever I go. 

Samuel González

I am an amalgam of soul and body, with a mind to link the two. I look with the eyes of my ancestors and see what is not always seen. I am part of the Dismantle Collective because I interpret the synergy of the collective as necessary in this world. I want people to experience my kindness and creativity.

Who Are We?

The Dismantle Collective is a Black-led, multigenerational, Queer People of Color (QPOC) centered social enterprise, creating our collective path to liberation. We are raising $50M to build and support liberating models of what we know our economy and ways of being will and should look like.

We are entrepreneurs, artists, activists, teachers, facilitators, project managers, speakers, storytellers, healers…and so much more. 

Collectively, the eight (8) of us—Avery Ebron, David Jackson, Dean Bardouka, Diana Marie Lee, Lynn Johnson, Marie Koesnodihardjo, Olayinka Credle, and Samuel González—have started and run dozens of successful businesses spanning multiple industries. We have worked in non-profit, government, academic and faith-based organizations. 

We are family. Since 2018, we have done the hard work of uncovering and articulating our collective values, calling each other in on our shit, and re-committing to each other over and over again. We have taken the time to move together at the speed of trust so that we feel ready to manifest what some say is impossible. 

Dismantle Collective is a collectively-owned social purpose LLC and a fiscally sponsored project of non-profit organization L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope.

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