Our Values

Fugivity: A term that has been used by Black theorists to describe the  process of seeing and creating freedom within completely enslaving  circumstances past and present. “I think of fugitivity as Harriet Tubmanness, the  process of seeing and prioritizing collective freedom. The shapeshifting  evasion of capture, by slave catchers, norms, and institutions. The way we find  each other and free each other again and again.” (Alexis Pauline Gumbs)

Liberation: Collective Freedom, which means you can’t sabotage the freedom of the Collective for your own. It is about constantly shapeshifting to find ourselves in each other, not shapeshifting to fit into dominant culture(s); rather, it’s shapeshifting to evade it and be free from it. We remind one another constantly of our magic, intuition, creativity and imagination, of the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors – resources we can draw on as we embrace and move through the darkness to get to where we need to go.  We won’t leave anyone behind; we will keep going back, again and again, until everyone is free.

Enoughness: The practice of accepting and loving our whole selves without apology or  punishment. It is the understanding and belief that because we exist, that then we are enough and we have permission to feel complete at any given moment and in all spaces, because it comes from within.

Care: We center our individual and collective needs and well-being so that we are able to thrive. Acknowledging that we all have experiences that we won’t ever recover from, we have to cover each other when we are down. Sometimes collective freedom is about focusing on one person and their needs. We will rest and  wait for you to get back up. We won’t leave anyone behind. Pleasure: We seek the things that make us feel good as part of our well-being. We honor the sensual; so, we eat, we touch, we listen, we smell, we intuit.   We prioritize and advocate for the right to pleasure for the joyous and continual fulfillment and satisfaction of all people.

Pleasure (Joy): we seek the things that make us feel good as part of our well-being. We honor the sensual; so, we eat, we touch, we listen, we smell, we intuit, • We advocate and prioritize for the right to joy for all people to be constantly fulfilled and satisfied.

Transparency: We share with one another in truth and with mutual accountability. Sharing our hearts, minds, and souls with vulnerability and the understanding that anything that remains hidden has the potential to harm us all.

Collectivity: Balancing Self and Collective interests, we are in choice about how we contribute to this Collective based on our personal skills and interests and what brings us pleasure. Just because I am good at something doesn’t mean I want to share that talent in this space or be expected to give that talent all the time.